ziggy chen

ziggy chen ključne reči:


– taoizam

– prve decenije 20. veka

– prirodni materijali (pamuk, vuna, lan, koža…)

– moda za muškarce (ali, te sjajne stvari rado bi ponele i neke žene)

– fuzija starog i novog

– fuzija ruralnog i urbanog

-fuzija avangardnog  i tradicionalnog

-fuzija istoka i zapada

– mandarini

ziggy chen

(  chinese : chen xiang) živi i stvara u šangaju. i jedan je od najpriznatijih kineskih dizajnera na zapadu.

“we have had 30 years of change, but i think aesthetics haven’t developed and changed that quickly in that time. there is still a long way to go, but now it will develop rapidly,” chen says. “many people have asked when i think china will produce someone like yohji yamamoto or comme des garçons. i think it will be someone born in the 80s or 90s. they experienced communication differently and have such a different concept and understanding of design. for one of my contemporaries, i think it would be hard.” (ziggy chen za šangajski talk magazine)

spring/summer 2013 i gore i dole

ziggy chen & his team hiroki osuka kian zhang | backstage image by dario ruggiero

u ekskluzivnom intervjuu za le paradox ziggy chen je rekao:

can you describe what defines your brand identity at best and how it makes it innovative and different from the other contemporary brands which follow a similar crafting path?

this is a difficult question for me. in my opinion ZIGGY CHEN must possess its own identity. maybe it would be more objective to let other people be the judges of our innovativeness. some says that our pride in showing our shanghai / chinese origins and our experimentation with fabrics might set us apart.

some of the references that clearly stand out from your garments are closely related to chinese tradition, is there any historical period you find particularly inspiring?

the song dynasty; the qing dynasty; the republic of china

in which way the chinese sartorial art and traditional costumes work up to build your perspective on clothing?

i believe that antique and handmade clothes have a soul, it touches me deeply every time i study these plain yet delicate stitches. antique costumes give me a lot of inspiration and also teach me the attitude of making clothing.

in your opinion, how the cultural heritage that comes from your eastern roots is combined with western influences in the final look of your designs?

my chinese roots have without any doubt a strong and direct influence on my philosophy and aesthetics. but the world today is different from the past, it is so much more closer and easily accessible through internet; at any time, you can see what is happening everywhere, even lifestyles are becoming more and more similar. what i’m trying to say is that the most important thing for a designer is to have his own individual design philosophy, while i will continuously seek different inspirations for each season, imbuing fresh and unique stories into each collection.

ziggy chen – a/w 2014-15

ziggy played guitar, jamming good with weird and gilly,
and the spiders from mars. he played it left hand
but made it too far
became the special man, then we were ziggy’s band

(david bowie, ziggy stardust)


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