issey miyake čovek koji je preživeo atomsku bombu

issey miyake ( 22. april 1938. hiroshima)

– atomska bomba (izgubio gotovo celu porodicu). o tome nerado priča

– godfather japanske mode

– minimalizam

– origamiji

– nabori koji plešu oko tela

– balet

– inovacije

– eksperimentisanje sa materijalima…

“i’m fascinated by all fields of design, design as an approach to society, people, life. even if it looks like what i have done has become fashionable, fashion to me is like the wind, i like to stay constant. i put my mind to making a product that people enjoy.”

i’m not sure whether this concept is in fact “oriental. what i mean is that from ancient times, in greece or in africa, every culture has started [making clothes] from a single piece of cloth, or skin,and even now, in india,a single piece of cloth is simply wound round the of these “pieces of cloth” is the kimono,which has been highly refined. one aspect of the kimono is that, in a way, it’s extremely sensible. then there’s cloth, the human body,and the motion of the two. from having been developed for so long,the kimono has come to be identified withthe phrase “a piece of cloth.”but in relation to the concept of “a piece of cloth,”design is what i want to focus on long term,and something i want to develop overas long a period as possible.when i grow weary with where i’m going,or when i stumble, i’ll return to the theme of “a piece of cloth.”i feel happy about that because it gives meanother direction to go in. i think there’s a differencebetween an individual point of viewand what can be achievedwhen we talk to designers or others. in the 20th century we became used to the idea of scientificand commercial developments shrinking our worldand giving us conveniences like the internetand car, which we take entirely for granted. but i have the feeling thatthey could do us a tremendous amount of harm, too. so, design work should certainlynot be a matter of designing something,turning it into a product,then simply introducing changes and modifications. a new approach will be the basis of design in the future, i think. we must think more aboutsociety, living, and enjoyment or happiness. otherwise, our work will become extremely difficult. another thing is that the 20th centurywas an era where everybody was very fond of categorizing things.we’ve been gradually breaking down those categories,and in my opinion it’s essential for different kinds of people get together to work, and for people sharing the same world to think and talk to one another about a variety of things. (messages from issey miyake, the laureate of 2006 kyoto prize , arts and philosophy)

hiroshima mon amour, 1959,  alain resnais & marguerite duras

issey miyake permanent, 1986 , model ellen van schylenburch (contemporary dancer)
phptograph by snowden, camera press london 

Issey Miyake

photo by irving penn,

“i don’t make gorgeous clothes, i don’t believe in them.”  (miyake)

“i  have never called myself a fashion designer” (issey miyake)




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