rodjen u julu

tatsuro horikawa

photography: louis lau

ključne reči:

– zen budizam

– crno, najdublje crno

– punk i hard core muzika

– tibet (boravio jedno vreme u budističkom manastiru na tibetu)

– afrika

– tattoo

– minimalizam

– androgino

Julius FW2013 presentation invitation <br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

tatsuro took the ‘illegal’ trip of crossing the border between china and tibet in order to spend two weeks in a buddhist monastery, where amongst spiritual teachings, he learned over 200 ways to fold robes. not only did this introduce the “blood red” colour way into collections, it gave a new dimension and deeper sentiment to a brand which sees itself as “contributing to a person’s total life-style” – giving valid reason for the rugged way in which it views the world. 2008 saw the brand make its debut in paris, the ideal setting for the avant-garde style which tatsuro describes as “the tailoring of a vampiric dandy and the draping and simplicity of a monk”


tatsuro horikawa

iz intervjua za hypebeast (31. januar 2011. interview: edward chiu, text: eugene kan, photography: louis lau)

from the start of your career, you’ve always been working and experimenting with the different depths of black. why are you so fascinated with this particular tone?

to be honest, apart from black, i’ve never worn any other colors in my adulthood. black has a lot of meaning in life. for example in the city, black can be worn in a lot of scenarios. you can see it as a pure color as one can wear it in any situation.

is the concept of zen a crucial element to your work?

definitely. the idea of zen and its sculptural and architectural influences have made a huge impact in my work and lifestyle. yin and yang is also of huge importance to me. on one hand, zen represents an important part of my life and on the other hand punk and hardcore music also have their place. both are extreme opposites but yet they come together in harmony in my work. this shop was also created to reflect the idea of zen, but together there are punk elements within the space.

how do you see designers such as yohji yamamoto, who is also inspired by zen?

i very much admire yohji san and also rei kawakubo of COMME des GARCONS. both have had huge impacts to the fashion industry and also changed the way we see fashion today.

what is the perfect tone of black?

the perfect black is the deepest black. a black that has depth and nuances.



ma_julius unisex concept. spring / summer 2013,




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