ann i patti – jedno prijateljstvo

prijateljice, saradnice, srodne duse… njihovi rođendani su udaljeni samo jedan dan (patti smith ima rođendan 30. decembra, a ann 29.) ann je sa 16 godina prvi puta slušala “horses“… na brojnim njenim revijama patti je prisutna ili kao inspiracija ili samo sa svojom muzikom kao zvučnom kulisom.

demeulemeester’s spring summer 2000 collection ‘woolgathering’ takes its name from a short autobiographical book published by smith in 1992

“patti has always been part of my universe,” demeulemeester has said, “but i don’t want to vulgarise our contact, which is really magical and beautiful. it’s almost sacred to me, which is why i never talk about it in the press. please don’t reduce our friendship to a trouser or a skirt.” (oyster magazine)

ann demeulemeester spring/summer 2007

“happy rimbaud’s birthday,” patti smith said to a scrum of journalists, as she walked into her exhibition at the Wadsworth Atheneum, in hartford, connecticut, yesterday. the french poet arthur rimbaud would have been 157. ms. smith has been celebrating the day for 47 years.

she was wearing black glasses, black shoes and a long black jacket, which was designed by a friend, the belgian fashion designer ann demeulemeester, she said, pointing to her in two of the tiny black-and-white photographs that lined the galleries.

nearby was a long replica of the wooden litter that once carried rimbaud, stricken with gangrene in one of his legs, down a mountain in ethiopia and hundreds of miles to a boat bound for marseilles, france, where he sought a doctor.

ann’s such an angel,” the singer said, “and it’s nice for arthur to have a guardian angel.” (by andrew russeth, 

photo by annie leibowitz

ann  photo by willy vanderperre

 “good fashion is like rock music: all anarchy and revolt.”, ann 1997.


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