outlaw moscow


диляра минрахманова (dilyara minrakhmanova) je sa 17 godina stigla u moskvu da studira. postala je politikolog i prevodilac za kineski jezik, potom je studirala i u kini, a onda je putovala, slikala, pravila kratke filmove, na moskovskom državnom univerzitetu završila je modni dizajn i postala modni kreator. sve to postigla je kao da je baš lako. максим башкаев (max bashkaev) danas se takođe bavi modom, uporedo sa filmom i fotografijom, a u kini je studirao orijentalistiku i kineski jezik, da bi potom u parizu studirao business.  a onda su 2014. njih dvoje osnovali street fashion brand provokativnog imena: outlaw moscow. zapravo, to je mnogo više od brenda. koncept, odnos prema životu… na svom sajtu  ovo dvoje mladih, obrazovanih ljudi ovako su opisali to što rade:

outlaw moscow fashion brand stands in avant-garde of the new wave of the russian art life.

founded by the duet of russian designers di minrakhmanova and maxim bashkaev it concentrates on the cutting edge outerwear and innerwear designs and represents the very independent and unique moscow fashion style culture.

however, the ‘outlaw’ has grew up into something wider than just a clothing brand, it has formed the unofficial community of the young creatives and talented professionals, united by the same values and love to freedom.
it all has started to moscow and now goes global.

outlaw people set the new cultural and fashion trends, forming the international community of the independent, creative and free-minded people.

zanimljivo je da su ih ljudi iz organizacije mercedes benz fashion week zapazili na instagramu i pozvali da učestvuju na moskovskoj nedelji mode. njihov rad propraćen je sjajnim kratkim filmovima, čak toliko da se može reći da su po tome prepoznatljivi. ove godine su dobili nagradu za najbolji modni film koju dodeljuje shoWstudio čiji je vlasnik čuveni nick knight. a to nije mala stvar! ovakve posebene, posvećene ljude i treba da primećuju, odaju im priznanje i nagrađuju.

Это стиль жизни мыслителей и искателей, борцов за свободный дух. самые выдающиеся подвижники русской культурной и общественной жизни были настоящими аутло. первоткрыватель беринг и художник марк шагал, поэт цветаева и ссыльный декабрист муравьев-апостол, яростный маяковский и безжалостный барон унгерн, мыслитель бродский и неистовый старообрядец протопоп аввакум, атаман степан разин и философ бердяев, – вот настоящие аутло российского мира. одежда outlaw moscow создана для аутло современности.

outlaw moscow ставит перед собой задачу отразить новое поколение людей в россии: свободное и открытое миру.  (di minrakhmanova)

di minrakhmanova

outlaw moscow clothing was born from the protest of the art and intellectual people of russia against the mental slavery, oppression and dictatorship of the presence.

max bashkaev & di minrakhmanova = outlaw moscow

photo by adam katz stinding, le 21eme
“we are inspired by russian art and we try to put it in a modern way, and we also have our own philosophy, which we call the philosophy of freedom. that’s how we call the people who dress like this — not in the way that you are an outlaw physically, it’s more like that’s how you feel. it’s also a description of the environment in which the brand has been built, it’s a description of the situation in the country now as well.” (max bashkaev)

outlaw showroom ćeš naći na ovoj adresi ako te put nanese u rusiju: moscow 

2-nd obydensky pereulok, 12 a, 3rd floor


dramatic and poetic hats

umislila sam da nemam odgovarajuči oblik glave za šešire,a umisliti ovako nešto nije baš dobra rekreacija. o, da, volela bih da ih nosim. treba se samo usuditi. i nositi ono što želiš i kako želiš, sa stavom i ubeđenjem da je to dobro. najbolje. makar ispao mad hatter…  samopozdano i stylish kao tasya van ree što ih nosi… kakogod, ja volim ideju šešira na glavama. muškim i ženskim. šešire klasične i šešire ekscentrične. danas su tema ovi potonji – eksentrični. kao što giles deacon reče; dramatični i romantični.i poetični, dodajem! u “alisi” ludi šeširdžija kaže ovo:

giles deacon o stephenu jonesu, 2009, izložba: hats: an anthology by stephen jonesvictoria and albert museum

elem, o stephenu jonesu (1957) bih koju reč da kažem. on je eksentrični & avangardni kreator onoga što ukrašava glavu. od kako je elsa schipaparelli 1937. u saradnji sa salvadorom dalijem kreirala cipelu-šešir stephen jones je jedan od najboljih njenih sledbenika. osim za revije deacona stvarao je šešire za gaultiera, vivienne westwood,diora, galliana, rei kawakubo, marc jacobsa… mnoge, mnoge poznate ličnosti, muzičari, glumci… nosile su i nose njegove ludo dobre i nezaboravne kreacije.

helena bonham carter nosi jonesov labud-šešir

stephen jones (o5) za gilesa deacona

stephen jones milliners | Stephen Jones:

comme [des garçons] is fantastic and i love rei. she is someone that everyone simply looks towards. her and Vivienne are incredible because they’ve somehow done their own thing and carried on doing it, producing the most extraordinary things that make us dream. i believe that’s the purpose of fashion – if not we should all run around wearing gap t-shirts, which are fine, but, you know… i need my visual input to be a bit stronger than that. (stephen jones for dazed)

Comme des Garçons Homme Plus - Autumn/Winter 2007-2008  (c) POPEYE August, 2007.  Photography: Rrosemary  Styling: Keisube Baba Hair & Make-up: To

comme des garçons, aw2008 , photography: rrosemary

wash and go by stephen jones

motwary: in your opinion, what makes a great hat?

jones: god knows! for me, I think it has to have an element of fantasy to it, or the person who wears it must feel some kind of fantasy. it doesn’t matter whether it is a big thing you do for a fashion show or whether it’s a baseball cap. it has to turn you into somebody. it applies whether you are young or old, a man or a woman—it’s got to have some magic to it.

motwary: is there is a methodology or philosophical frame- work within which you work?

jones: yeah—what’s a good hat? my philosophy is that whatever i do is about trying to make fantasy come true.

(stephen jones for the kinsky)

Stephen Jones Millinery for Christian Dior fall 2009 haute couture in Paris:

za diora 2009


hat or fascinator?

hat, definitely today. i think it’s the fashion for a bigger hat, something more substantial. a fascinator is fine for a dress, maybe for the evening, and now is almost like a head decoration but i think what I’ve seen around is everyone wearing hats. (stephen jones za vogue)

stephen jones i naša đurđa stojiljković za galliana

stephen jones:hats are totally about escapism. of course, they can keep you warm, or keep you dry, or keep the sun off your face, but they’re predominantly about escaping, about being somebody else.”

John Galliano - Autumn/Winter 2004-2005  (c) Photography: Etienne Tordoir/ Catwalkpictures.com

galliano, a/w 2005, photography: etienne tordoir

knjiga o njemu, fotografija na omotu nick knight


za vivienne westwood

stephen jones for a. f. vandervorst a/w 2015

thom browne and stephen jones, ss 2016

Breathtaking: 'It was supposed to be romantic but also dramatic,' Deacon said after the show

giles deacon and stephen jones ss 2013

poetry in motion

craig green

nick knight

dover street market

craig green & nick knight & dover street market, a/w15

  “i don’t think i would have done this campaign if it weren’t for nick,i have him to thank for pushing me forward. actually, i was so busy that i wasn’t thinking about the shoot much beforehand. but when i was on set, i had a realization about how amazing it was of nick to support me. getting to work with him is so incredible, and it’s such an important moment in my short career.” (craig green)

“craig has opened up an exciting set of doors that other designers can now go through” (nick knight)

‘there’s a brilliant tension to craig’s work – on one hand it’s so simple and pure, rooted in ideas of traditional masculine work wear, but on the other it’s so dynamic, so theatrical – full of energy and movement. that combination is what makes it so special to photograph.” (nick knight)

‘i have always been a huge admirer of nick’s work, he has incredible vision and technical skill and this comes through in so many varied ways. he really understood what we wanted to express and the energy of the autumn winter ‘15 collection. the support of nick, his team and SHOWstudio has been incredible.’ (craig green)

Craig Green Fall 15 ad by Nick Knight photo

“i see an enormous spirituality in craig’s clothes, which by its nature must come from a very deep place and from the mind of a visionary thinker..” (adrian joffe)

yohji and yamamoto and rizzoli

1. novembra 2014. pojaviće se knjiga “yohji & yamamoto” u izdanju kuće rizzoli iz new yorka. u knjizi, kaže izdavač, naći ćemo, između ostalog, pismo glumice charlotte rampling,  svedočenja yamamotovih dugogodišnjih prijatelja kao što su reditelji wim wenders i takeshi kitano, arhitekte jeana nouvela… fotografije paola roversija, nicka knighta, donate wenders, bertranda marignaca, craiga mcdeana, inez & vinoodh, maxa vadukula… dole su fotografije korica i neke od onih unutar knjige. vidi kako sve pršti od crvene! ( red isn’t a colour, it’s a light. yamamoto) a ko je izdavač ove knjige? rizzoli ny je izdavač sa italijanskim korenima – angelo rizzoli (1889-1970). kuću je osnovao 1929.  objavili su neke od najlepših ilustrovanih, umetničkih knjiga.  finansirao je filmove federica fellinija “la dolce vita” i  “8 1/2“.  1964. otvorio je na 5. aveniji sada već čuvenu knjižaru rizzoli international bookstore koju možemo da vidimo u woody allenovom  filmu “manhattan. rizzolijeva vila arbusto na iskiji muzej je u jednom delu posvećen i njegovom životu… i od yamamota i od rizzolija naviknuti smo da očekujemo samo najbolje. p.s. moram da se pohvalim da mi je gentleman.rs objavio tekst o yamamotu!!! yohji yamamoto backstage, bertrand marignac photo: yy by marc ascoli, © tom de peyret  MORE TO LOVE: Yamamoto &amp; Yohji.<br /><br /><br /> [[MORE]]<br /><br /><br /> Preview the forthcoming Rizzoli book documenting the designer’s 40 years of anti-fashion<br /><br /><br /> Photo: Nick Knight courtesy of Yohji Yamamoto Correspondences exhibition, Alessandro Ciampi, Rizzoli photo: nick knight 

photo: yohji yamamoto correspondences exhibition, alessandro ciampi
  Yamamoto & Yohji

 muzej angela rizzolija, ischia