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tim walker, tilda swinton & rick owens, w magazine

vogue uk, december 2011, tim walker, mongolia

lady gray, tim walker, vogue italia, march, 2010

lady grey

vogue italia march 2011 , dreaming of another world

like a warrior, vohie italia, march 2014

dress lamp tree, vogue l’uomo, 2012 /haljine koje rastu na drvecu… zenski san

the lost explorer, 2010, rediteljski debi tim walkera

i think that the lost explorer is all about film – moving film. as a photographer i think that the two meaningful books are pictures and story teller. but then, as a filmmaker, there’s a totally different process because you’re working with a complete story. when you work as a photographer you’re working more with a mood and with a suggestion of something that enables the viewer to be able to put themselves in to the picture and imagine themselves in that situation: that’s what i think the human element in still photography is. with film you have to be a storyteller and not stray from the story; you have to be very, very specific – that’s what that film was about. (tim walker)

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vogue italia, october 2011, mechanical dolls

tim walker – floating drive in, florida, 2005

i find the word ‘art’ a little bit self-congratulatory and i find it uncomfortable: i’m a photographer. art isn’t decided at the moment it’s made – a lot of people would disagree with me, but i think time decides what art is. the most unlikely things become art. for me to say, ‘this is art photography,’ i’m just not that sort of person; this is photography, this is me playing with a camera. call it what you will but i would call it photography.

everyone’s talking about things as art and i think time decides. so I can’t answer that – i think time answers that, or we’ll answer that in the passage of time. i think some photographers have become art, someone like dianne arbus, because time has passed and there’s an emotion she’s captured as a photographer. you can call her a photographer but you can also call her an artist. but she would never have called herself an artist. avedon would never have called himself an artist. (tim walker)

cecil beaton, njegov uzor

marilyn monroe, photo by cecil beaton

tim walker, portrait by alison tanner