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well, magazine vogue ume da posveti pažnju ljudima koji su poznati po tome što su samo poznati, ali ume i te kako da pokloni pažnju i onima koji je istinski zavređuju.  za 19. godišnjicu (južno) korejski vogue je sa dobrim ukusom i stilom svoje reflektore usmerio na ženu koja se zove tilda swinton. btw, ovde gde živim nacionalnog izdanja vogue magazina nema ni na vidiku. što je sasvim za očekivati za zemlju u kojoj prosečna plata fakultetski obrazovanog čoveka ne dobacuje preko 450 eura. no, sreća se ne kupuje novcem… ima raznih načina. otići preko granice npr. 🙂 ili sanjati, biti day dreamer. ili…

kako god, internet je dostupan i onom gorepomenutom mom sunarodniku sapatniku koji ima cca 450 eura, pa može da zaviri i u južnokorejski vogue. i da vidi kako tilda osim što sjajno glumi, sjajno izgleda i kao model. i to u svetu terora mladosti! ta sjajna talentovana, oskarom ovenčana, obrazovana, buntovna i slobodna žena od 55 godina!! njena autentičnost i ta prefinjena jednostavnost vidljiva je i u chanelovoj garderobi (inspirisanoj korejom ) i kada nosi modernizovan korejski hanbok koji potpisuje baek oak-soo  ili  tchai kim young jin. fotografije je uradio hong jang hyun. btw, hanbok je čudesno lepa tradicionalna korejska odežda i preporučujem ti knjigu sunny yanghanbok – the art of koeran clothing“. ja sam uspela da je nabavim i guštaću je ovih dana…

Tilda Swinton by Hong Jang Hyun  for Vogue Korea August 2015  15

tilda swinton & hong jang hyun


the last great taboo of modern western civilisation. capitalism is built on the idea that one can go out and buy another scented candle and get less lonely somehow. but i think the deal is that you are fully lonely, and the sooner we accept and embrace our loneliness, the healthier we are. and that real love has nothing to do with that romantic idea of oneness, of distracting and healing each other from our loneliness, it’s about witnessing each other as individuals and saying: i’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”
tilda swinton

Tilda Swinton by Hong Jang Hyun  for Vogue Korea August 2015  9

“i’m not even sure i have a love for fashion, to be perfectly honest with you. my relationship with fashion is entirely based on my relationship with various individuals and friends of mine who happen to make the work. if i didn’t have those friendships, i would not be invited to their shows or even invited to wear their clothes. i don’t follow fashion. i still have and am happy to retain a beginner’s mind.” (tilda swinton, 4 in style)

Tilda Swinton by Hong Jang Hyun  for Vogue Korea August 2015  8

“maybe the interesting thing about clothes is that people live in them, and that there’s nothing else really to be said, and so it’s trying to trace that and concentrate on that, and to honour our clothes, rather than coco chanel or napoleon or anybody else. actually our clothes.” (tilda swinton, dazed)

Tilda Swinton by Hong Jang Hyun  for Vogue Korea August 2015  7

“i wanted to convey observations about a kind of limitation of a completely false hierarchy in the market and a kind of global availability and domination of certain luxury brands, which is disappointing at best. it’s possible to walk into a rich person’s house in any city in the world and find the same make of candles, or the same shoes. i find it a waste of cultural specificity and history and myth making, and i would so much rather walk into someone’s house, however much money they have, and feel that i’m actually connecting with the culture of that place and the people who live in that place. i’m disappointed when i go through airports and i see the same shops and i think there’s a way in which that particular luxury milieu is like one big duty-free shop.” (tilda swinton)

Tilda Swinton by Hong Jang Hyun  for Vogue Korea August 2015  4

i’m basically interested in identity, and i still find fascinating the question, how do we identify ourselves, and how do we settle into other people’s expectations for our identity… (tilda swinton)

Tilda Swinton by Hong Jang Hyun  for Vogue Korea August 2015  1

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tilda u filmu “i am love”

“there are very few clothes that really move properly, in relation to the body, like haider’s do – that feeling of them being designed for movement; designed for the body; for the gesture. i really love the way in which he designs for a moving human body and you’d think in fashion that’s not such a tall order but it is. people still design for the still frame, for one photograph when the person isn’t moving at all and are posed,” (tilda swinton, vogue)